Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nipiti Bonbons

I recently got a chance to help one of my favorite crochet pattern designers, Nipiti, test an exciting new bunch of tiny amigurumi patterns: the Nipiti Bonbons!  Crocheted with worsted weight yarn (like I did), they are about an inch and a half across, and they bring to mind little candies (hence the name "bonbons").   I used PicMonkey (what a fun website!) to make these picture collages of the bonbons I crocheted.  The Nipiti Bonbon patterns are available for purchase on Ravelry and Etsy.

Farm Animal Bonbons:

(I believe the cat pattern actually comes with the Farm Animals bundle, too, but I crocheted mine in black, so he looked most at home in my Halloween Bonbons collage.)

Aren't they adorable? Nipiti envisions these adorable little critters as 3D appliqu├ęs to be used in a million different ways.  My favorites of her ideas are the nursery mobile, keychains, Christmas tree ornaments, and backpack accessories.

I couldn't decide which color scheme I liked the best for the lion, so I did both!

The gray wolf can be crocheted in orange, too, to be a fox!  That beaver kills me.  He might be my favorite.

Christmas Bonbons:

The Santa bonbon is amazing....  What an adorable little dude!

Halloween Bonbons:

How fun is that little witch?  Love her little braids.

Miscellaneous Bonbons:

Not surprisingly, Sonia has declared her favorite bonbon to be the unicorn.  I had to include the wolf again in this collage because what is Little Red Riding Hood without her nemesis?  Just a little girl, wandering the forest without proper parental supervision.  Speaking of Little Red, the bonbon pattern is amazing in its construction.

Sonia loves to play with the bonbons, organizing them into their various categories and debating which is her second favorite.

These little bonbons just flew off my hook!  I was just telling someone the other day how I like to crochet small items because the most fun part of any crochet project is the beginning and the end.  Slogging through a half-done lengthy crochet pattern gets tedious....  These bonbons take about a half hour each to crochet, so they are very satisfying and fun to create.

Great job designing the adorable little bonbons, Nipiti!!