Sunday, June 14, 2015

Latest sewing projects

I have been slowing down on sewing lately, but I still have been creating from time to time.  I really love this round-bottomed drawstring bag that I sewed for Corey's coworker's birthday.  That fabric makes me so happy.  I vaguely followed this tutorial, but I changed the dimensions and a few of the construction techniques.

I also was hired by a friend of my mother-in-law's to make pillows out of commemorative t-shirts from her family's annual reunions.  I talked her into adding piping and they turned out pretty cute.  These are the front sides . . .

. . . and these are the backs.

I'm really annoyed that I accidentally packed away the kids' new Easter baskets before taking good photos of the kids posing with them.  I followed this tutorial for the general direction of the basket, but I went rogue and added some trim to the design.  All of the fabric and trim was courtesy of the amazing sewing stash I inherited from Corey's grandmother when she moved out of her condo.

For my daughter's friend, Mia, I sewed a simple little padded zipper pouch to hold a gift card for her birthday.  The fabric also came from Granny's stash.

I'm really really mad I forgot to take pics after I finished these bags for my neighbor's sister.  I made five of the usual Peek-a-boo Toy Sacks that I have made a million times before, but the backs of them incorporated some special old t-shirts worn by her sons.  I love the fabrics I found to pair them with, which were also part of Granny's stash.

I need to get back into taking nicer photos of my finished products!