Thursday, September 3, 2015

Knitting stuff for the home (with one bonus crocheted item)

I haven't posted about my knitting and crocheting shenanigans in over 7 months, but let me assure you: the spun fiber in the state of Texas has not been lonely.  I have been knitting and crocheting so many projects that it took me a really long time to gather all the information together to being clearing out the blogging backlog.  Plus, I have lucked into joining one of the most amazing stitching groups....  I have made a bunch of new fiber friends, learned a ton about yarn and knitting, and have spent enough time immersed in the world of knitting and crocheting that Andrew has declared me to be a fiber addict.  I do not contradict him.

Anyway, when I last blogged about my fiber activities, I was just learning how to knit.  One of the reasons I decided to learn how to knit was so I could learn how to make all the amazing knit clothing patterns that I saw pop up on Ravelry.  But, I knew that I needed to walk before I could run, so I forced myself to stick to dishcloths and afghan blocks for a while.

I will be forever indebted to Margaret MacInnis, one of the most talented crochet and knit designers that I have ever seen, for cranking out a large number of beautiful 9" afghan block (or dishcloth!) patterns this past spring.  Just like the garden-themed patterns that I talked about in my previous knitting post, she presented these blocks as mystery knit-alongs in several series. Once again, I helped her test several of the patterns.  All of the patterns were fun, well-explained, and, well, FUN!  Here are the 8 afghan blocks that I made (which I might join into an afghan sometime before the end of the year):

Mystery Series III: Comedy

Block I - Gentle Twisted Ribbing

Block II - Comedy Masks

Block III - Flutter on Bye (oh my gosh, I LOVE this one!!!)

Block IV - Twisted Sisters

Block V - Hedge Hazing

Mystery Series IV: Reversibles

Block I - Furrowed Brow Cartridge Belt Rib

Block V - Road Sign

Block VI - Carbon Dating

I knitted one more dishcloth, but this one is definitely not able to be used as an afghan block pattern.  This Almost Lost Washcloth pattern is so much fun! I love how the short rows create a circular pattern.

I stitched one last item for my home...  A Chunky Crocheted Basket!  I used recycled t-shirt yarn (purchased, not made out of t-shirts I previously owned) to make this handy basket.  I also made Niki some for her birthday, but I failed to take pictures of them.  They look pretty much like this one, so you're not missing anything.

More pictures to come soon....