Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A rainbow of piggies!

I love the free crochet tiny pig pattern from Lucy Ravenscar, which I can whip up in about 20 minutes each.... This rainbow family of piggies was crocheted for Sonia and her little dance class buddies (and a couple of the dancers' older sisters):

Sonia has claimed the light blue one for herself because it matches her eyes.

Monday, April 29, 2013

More past sewing for posterity's sake

More items sewn over the past few months . . .

Tape measure pouch (this one was just an experiment and I learned a lot from making it -- I'm totally remaking it now that I know the quirks of my Husky when you're doing a really wide zig zag!):

Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack for all of Peter's Star Wars toys:

Peek-a-Boo Heart Pouch for all of Charlotte's valuable treasures:

Crazy zipper pouch from a book I checked out from the library and no longer have in my possession (I hated the pattern because it left all sorts of raw edges inside):

Here's the flip side.  All of the zippers open to separate compartments!

Little Makeup Bag for Charlotte to use for her treasures (turned out way shorter than I intended, which is further proof that I should stick to following patterns and tutorials exactly rather than trying to tweak them!):

Felt Batman mask alongside Petey's beloved amigurumi Batman that Auntie Ernie made him:

A drawstring top "Bagsket" for the kids' toys that obviously has some issues with handle floppiness (likely to do with rough handling by one or both of the munchkins):

iPad case that I absolutely adore (despite the funkiness in the topstitching on the denim by the zipper):

I loved it so much that I made another virtually identical one for Mom (though this photo is actually just another view of mine):

Mini simple table-topper that I designed myself to experiment with quilting and binding (neither of which I am good at!):

Bigger simple table runner:

Storage cube with a vinyl pocket for a label, using cardboard inside to give it shape:

It fits all of our Wii games and controllers perfectly.

Clear Toy Storage Bag for Amanda to use for her gallon o' games (with special guest star Rocky):

Snappy Bag for Amanda (love the ruffle but hate the raw edges inside the pouch):

Kids' Activity Bag for Maisie (turned out cute except for the fact that I goofed up a measurement and didn't make the drawstring top part long enough!):

Here it is open:

Another Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack for Quinn:

Snappy coin pouch for Faith Carol (using tape measure for the snap opening):

Another origami bag for Faith Carol:

A mesh beach bag for Faith Carol inspired by this tutorial but mostly designed myself (my first time using grommets!):

Recycled jeans pocket pouch for Sonia (from some old jeans of Charlotte's that got a huge hole in one knee):

Charlotte's First Day of School skirt (made from my favorite circle skirt tutorial, of course!):

Poodle skirts for Charlotte and Maisie (also from the circle skirt tutorial):

Tool belts for Anderson, Maddie, and Owen (from this tutorial):

And one for Peter, too!  Looks especially good with a Batman costume.

Another one of those sundresses from Corey's old t-shirt (given to Sonia):

This isn't really any sewing, but it used a bunch of felt.  It's a Christmas tree the kids could decorate and redecorate.  We hot glued on sequins to felt ornaments and the kids loved it.  We made a few more for friends and family, and each one was a hit.  Erin made one for Sonia, too!

And finally, a great seat-back organizer that Erin commissioned.  This one was from Simplicity pattern #3731, and I did it in some great laminated cottons that Erin bought for the project:

Go Hoosiers!

Charlie Jo's CousAunt Abbey will be happy to see that Charlotte is all ready to cheer on the Hoosiers to victory! This was another Sandbridge Shirt made from a t-shirt we got for free at last fall's IU/MSU game. Peter threw a fit because he said HE wanted that shirt. I may need to grab the other free shirt we got that day and downsize it to a little t-shirt for him.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still more past sewing projects

Here are some of the projects from the past few months that I found pictures of on my computer!

A Batman cape with waaaaaaaaaay too big of a neck, from a self-drafted pattern:

Birthday "3" Batman applique on a store-bought t-shirt:

Another sundress (upcycled from one of Corey's old t-shirts):

Reverse applique t-shirt for Valentine's Day (made based off an idea I saw on Pinterest but can no longer find -- I used a different technique than it specified, anyway!):

Even more Easy Lounge Pants made from an old t-shirt:

Fleece Hat with Ear Flaps for Sonia:

Birthday shirt with applique "5" for Charlotte:

Ladybug Girl Circle Skirt (to replace the tattered and loved-to-death ladybug Halloween costume that finally self-destructed) from my favorite ever skirt tutorial:

Simple elastic waist ballet skirt (made from no particular pattern) from a great remnant I found:

Hobo Dance Bag for Charlotte to use for ballet/tap class:

Ruffled Fleece Scarf made from a great remnant I found:

May Day Skirts for Charlotte and Shelby:

Projects from the past . . .

I found these photos on the iPad (Corey says taking pictures with the iPad is the new social faux pas, but I just tell him to hush) of things I have sew over the past few months.

Simple elastic-waisted skirt made with no direct reference to a tutorial (though I have made a few skirts in the past by using various tutorials!) but using a flat-piping version of the skirt pockets from this tutorial.  Charlotte Doll has a matching skirt with simpler pockets.  I made the skirts in honor of Charlotte's class field trip to the hospital where her daddy was born:

Easy Lounge Pants out of leftover fleece given to me by Barb:

More Easy Lounge Pants made from Corey's old t-shirt:

And yet still MORE Easy Lounge Pants out of my old t-shirt:

T-shirt quilt made by looking at a ton of different tutorials and ignoring them all (even though I probably should have listened to some of the things they said!):

Sporty Skirt out of a couple of old t-shirts (and a really cranky model):

T-shirt sundress (made from one of Erin's old t-shirts for Sonia, but modeled here by Charlotte):

Another t-shirt sundress (made out of one of Toni's old t-shirts for Sami, but modeled by Charlotte):

Reversible apron for Charlotte for her birthday (to go with the cookbook and cooking utensils we got for her!):

Catch-all Bag for Anna's 6th birthday:

Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack for princesses and other treasures:

Upcycled T-Shirt Dress (though it ended up a little short, so it's more like a tunic) made from a bunch of different old t-shirts.  I plan on shortening the sleeves on this one so it can be worn through the summer with some shorts!  Notice Charlotte clutching her beloved Dashi Dog (an Octonaut) crocheted for her by Auntie Ernie:

Origami bag (originally made for Erin, but I ended up giving it to Mrs. Dawson -- Erin, I owe you another origami bag!):

Appliqued t-shirts, flannel pajama shorts (made referencing this tutorial, but I made my own pattern), and a little zipper pouch (made referencing this makeup bag tutorial, but omitting the boxed corners) for Lauren's 5th birthday:

Fleece pajama shorts for Charlotte (to test the pajama shorts pattern referenced above before making Lauren's birthday present!):

Pillowcase dress made for Charlotte from one of Corey's old short-sleeve buttondowns:

When I gave the pillowcase dress to Charlotte, she told me she thought it should be "prettier" and in "better colors", so it looks like this dress is going to Sonia or Sami instead!