Sunday, April 28, 2013

Niki's old t-shirt transformed

I had so much fun making this shirt (except for the time I sewed two pieces together with the wrong sides together and had to unpick the stitching -- unpicking stitching on knits is a pain in the buttinsky!) that I'm making another one today.  Sewing with knits still scares the heck out of me, but I'm trying to conquer that fear.  I wore my favorite purple Eddie Bauer v-neck t-shirt to DEATH over the past few years, so I decided it needed to be retired from my wardrobe.  I saw a tutorial for the "Sandbridge Top" and decided to upcycle the shirt to augment Charlotte's meager summer wardrobe.  (I love it when I have kids the same sizes as the bloggers posting patterns and tutorials.)

I love the result!

I reused the original hem for the shirt's bottom and the hem of the sleeves for each of the new shirt's sleeves.  Score!  I think I still need more practice with binding the neckline (maybe next time I will use ribbing?), but it still works out pretty well.  The arm holes turned out a little larger than in most of her store-bought shirts, but I probably could tweak the pattern to fix that.  Of course I forgot to do that on the shirt I just started making.  Oh well!

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