Sunday, April 28, 2013

Projects from the past . . .

I found these photos on the iPad (Corey says taking pictures with the iPad is the new social faux pas, but I just tell him to hush) of things I have sew over the past few months.

Simple elastic-waisted skirt made with no direct reference to a tutorial (though I have made a few skirts in the past by using various tutorials!) but using a flat-piping version of the skirt pockets from this tutorial.  Charlotte Doll has a matching skirt with simpler pockets.  I made the skirts in honor of Charlotte's class field trip to the hospital where her daddy was born:

Easy Lounge Pants out of leftover fleece given to me by Barb:

More Easy Lounge Pants made from Corey's old t-shirt:

And yet still MORE Easy Lounge Pants out of my old t-shirt:

T-shirt quilt made by looking at a ton of different tutorials and ignoring them all (even though I probably should have listened to some of the things they said!):

Sporty Skirt out of a couple of old t-shirts (and a really cranky model):

T-shirt sundress (made from one of Erin's old t-shirts for Sonia, but modeled here by Charlotte):

Another t-shirt sundress (made out of one of Toni's old t-shirts for Sami, but modeled by Charlotte):

Reversible apron for Charlotte for her birthday (to go with the cookbook and cooking utensils we got for her!):

Catch-all Bag for Anna's 6th birthday:

Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack for princesses and other treasures:

Upcycled T-Shirt Dress (though it ended up a little short, so it's more like a tunic) made from a bunch of different old t-shirts.  I plan on shortening the sleeves on this one so it can be worn through the summer with some shorts!  Notice Charlotte clutching her beloved Dashi Dog (an Octonaut) crocheted for her by Auntie Ernie:

Origami bag (originally made for Erin, but I ended up giving it to Mrs. Dawson -- Erin, I owe you another origami bag!):

Appliqued t-shirts, flannel pajama shorts (made referencing this tutorial, but I made my own pattern), and a little zipper pouch (made referencing this makeup bag tutorial, but omitting the boxed corners) for Lauren's 5th birthday:

Fleece pajama shorts for Charlotte (to test the pajama shorts pattern referenced above before making Lauren's birthday present!):

Pillowcase dress made for Charlotte from one of Corey's old short-sleeve buttondowns:

When I gave the pillowcase dress to Charlotte, she told me she thought it should be "prettier" and in "better colors", so it looks like this dress is going to Sonia or Sami instead!  

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