Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hand-me-down dress upcycled to Sandbridge Shorts

The companion pattern to the Sandbridge Shirt is the Sandbridge Shorts.  It would have made sense if I had made a pair of the shorts to match the shirt, but I wanted to recycle the skirt off a hand-me-down dress that had a big stain on it.  Charlotte refused to look at the camera to smile for the photo because one of her favorite shows was on, but at least she didn't run away screaming this time when I insisted on a modeling session.

Again, I reused the hem of the skirt as the hem of the shorts.  That resulted in shorts longer than the pattern called for because I didn't have to roll them up to hem them.  I like this length, so if I ever make these shorts AND have to hem them, I will add an inch or two to the length of the pattern pieces.

I just realized I forgot to add the topstitching around the waistband, but that won't be such a big deal to do if I can wrestle the shorts off of Charlotte after lunch.  The best features of these otherwise simple shorts are the side pockets.  I unpicked the pockets off of the original skirt and sewed them to the sides instead of making pockets from scratch from the pattern provided.  The pattern also calls for a ruffle to be added at the top of the pocket, which would have be adorable.  Since I already had a nice decorative edge already on these pockets, I skipped that step.  I want to try the ruffles and maybe a completely different contrasting fabric for the pockets altogether when I make some for Sonia.

These are not the first pair of Sandbridge shorts I have made -- the first pair somehow mysteriously ended up with a waistband that was waaaaay too big for Charlotte.  (I swear I measured the elastic on her before sewing it in, but maybe an evil elf cut it wrong and convinced me it wasn't necessary to try the shorts on her before sewing up the elastic casing AND doing the topstitching around the waistband.)  Those shorts were also made from a recycled hand-me-down dress (the long-sleeved top just didn't fit right on Charlotte and she never wore it as a result).  Hopefully Sonia can wear them?  Or Charlotte's friend, Shelby?  We'll see.  Here they are, just for posterity:

I reused the original hem of the skirt as the hem for the shorts, and the decorative trim on the sleeves was perfect for reusing as the top of the pockets.  I didn't realize I only had 1" elastic for the waist until after I had cut and sewn the casing the pattern specified (which is designed for 3/4" elastic).  I managed to squeeze in the 1" elastic, but it would look better if the casing had a little more ease.

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  1. The shorts look fabulous! Great idea to reuse the existing hem.:)