Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still more past sewing projects

Here are some of the projects from the past few months that I found pictures of on my computer!

A Batman cape with waaaaaaaaaay too big of a neck, from a self-drafted pattern:

Birthday "3" Batman applique on a store-bought t-shirt:

Another sundress (upcycled from one of Corey's old t-shirts):

Reverse applique t-shirt for Valentine's Day (made based off an idea I saw on Pinterest but can no longer find -- I used a different technique than it specified, anyway!):

Even more Easy Lounge Pants made from an old t-shirt:

Fleece Hat with Ear Flaps for Sonia:

Birthday shirt with applique "5" for Charlotte:

Ladybug Girl Circle Skirt (to replace the tattered and loved-to-death ladybug Halloween costume that finally self-destructed) from my favorite ever skirt tutorial:

Simple elastic waist ballet skirt (made from no particular pattern) from a great remnant I found:

Hobo Dance Bag for Charlotte to use for ballet/tap class:

Ruffled Fleece Scarf made from a great remnant I found:

May Day Skirts for Charlotte and Shelby:

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