Monday, April 29, 2013

More past sewing for posterity's sake

More items sewn over the past few months . . .

Tape measure pouch (this one was just an experiment and I learned a lot from making it -- I'm totally remaking it now that I know the quirks of my Husky when you're doing a really wide zig zag!):

Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack for all of Peter's Star Wars toys:

Peek-a-Boo Heart Pouch for all of Charlotte's valuable treasures:

Crazy zipper pouch from a book I checked out from the library and no longer have in my possession (I hated the pattern because it left all sorts of raw edges inside):

Here's the flip side.  All of the zippers open to separate compartments!

Little Makeup Bag for Charlotte to use for her treasures (turned out way shorter than I intended, which is further proof that I should stick to following patterns and tutorials exactly rather than trying to tweak them!):

Felt Batman mask alongside Petey's beloved amigurumi Batman that Auntie Ernie made him:

A drawstring top "Bagsket" for the kids' toys that obviously has some issues with handle floppiness (likely to do with rough handling by one or both of the munchkins):

iPad case that I absolutely adore (despite the funkiness in the topstitching on the denim by the zipper):

I loved it so much that I made another virtually identical one for Mom (though this photo is actually just another view of mine):

Mini simple table-topper that I designed myself to experiment with quilting and binding (neither of which I am good at!):

Bigger simple table runner:

Storage cube with a vinyl pocket for a label, using cardboard inside to give it shape:

It fits all of our Wii games and controllers perfectly.

Clear Toy Storage Bag for Amanda to use for her gallon o' games (with special guest star Rocky):

Snappy Bag for Amanda (love the ruffle but hate the raw edges inside the pouch):

Kids' Activity Bag for Maisie (turned out cute except for the fact that I goofed up a measurement and didn't make the drawstring top part long enough!):

Here it is open:

Another Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack for Quinn:

Snappy coin pouch for Faith Carol (using tape measure for the snap opening):

Another origami bag for Faith Carol:

A mesh beach bag for Faith Carol inspired by this tutorial but mostly designed myself (my first time using grommets!):

Recycled jeans pocket pouch for Sonia (from some old jeans of Charlotte's that got a huge hole in one knee):

Charlotte's First Day of School skirt (made from my favorite circle skirt tutorial, of course!):

Poodle skirts for Charlotte and Maisie (also from the circle skirt tutorial):

Tool belts for Anderson, Maddie, and Owen (from this tutorial):

And one for Peter, too!  Looks especially good with a Batman costume.

Another one of those sundresses from Corey's old t-shirt (given to Sonia):

This isn't really any sewing, but it used a bunch of felt.  It's a Christmas tree the kids could decorate and redecorate.  We hot glued on sequins to felt ornaments and the kids loved it.  We made a few more for friends and family, and each one was a hit.  Erin made one for Sonia, too!

And finally, a great seat-back organizer that Erin commissioned.  This one was from Simplicity pattern #3731, and I did it in some great laminated cottons that Erin bought for the project:

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