Saturday, February 8, 2014

Silvana's birthday backpack

Charlotte has declared Silvana to be her bestest friend in the world, except for Shelby.  Keep in mind that these girls have never had a playdate outside of school in their lives, and you will quickly realize that Charlotte has a penchant for hyperbole similar to Corey and me.  Regardless, when Charlotte was invited to Silvana's sixth birthday party I knew I had to make something adorable for such a sweet little girl.  When I volunteered at school this week, I asked Silvana what her favorite colors are, and she answered (of course) "pink and purple".  Charlotte has also talked endlessly about Silvana's love for cats, so I figured a pink Hello Kitty lined drawstring backpack would be just the thing for her.

The outside is a gaudy hot pink duck cloth.  I grabbed a few things from the Target dollar bins to put with the backpack to complete the gift.  The drawstrings are black parachute cord.  Here is the backpack closed:

The lining is the same quilting cotton fabric as the appliqué on the outside.

Somehow, I conned Corey into taking Charlotte to the party this afternoon.  I have been to plenty of parties at Pump It Up and have no desire to attend any more if I can help it.  Not sure when the kids are finally old enough that the parents don't have to go to these birthday parties and stand around awkwardly pretending to have fun, but it can't be too soon for me.

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