Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An Amigurumi Explosion

I have been crocheting a lot of amigurumi lately, too....  Even though hats are fun, afghan blocks are intriguing, and the occasional potholder is useful, making stuffed creatures is my true crochet love.

My friend, Valerie, asked me to make these ridiculously adorable baby giraffes for her ridiculously adorable daughters:

How hilarious is this dog and airplane that I made for my little buddy, Alex?

The airplane pattern actually came with a cat instead of a dog, so I swapped the cat out for the dog in this pattern.  Alex can take the dog out of the airplane and play with him!

Look at the cute little wheels....  I love it!

The dog and airplane were designed by the same awesome crochet designer who designed Alex's fox and race car.

Using the wonderful Superman pattern, I was able to fashion a Captain America and a Batman for my little buddy, Zach:

You can remove the good captain's helmet and shield!

My cousin, Emma, will be getting this adorable little whale for Christmas:

Sonia gave this little bigfoot monkey to a friend for her 6th birthday:

More to come.... So many crocheted items finished, so little time to blog!  Christmas Crochet Season is in full swing, and boy, are my fingers getting tired.  But it's worth it!


  1. Those giraffes are so crazy cute!!! The girls are going to love them.

  2. They are all totally awesome! LOVE the giraffes, and my daughter just came to see all these and loved them too (she's learning to crochet now so she can make amigurumi!) Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. So cute! I have never tried to crochet any amigurumi...have to add it to my list to try. Would be a great way to use up some of my mom's old yarn.

  4. You are really talented at making toys! I love the batman and the Captain America (especially how you can remove his helmet!). I, too, really enjoy knitting toys. They are so manangeable--I can make one or two parts each night and then enjoy seeing it all come together!