Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Peter's Superman and Charlotte's Wonder Woman (with bonus Batmans!)

And here they are.... my new favorite amigurumis that I have ever created!  I made Superman and Wonder Woman for my beloved niece and nephew (aka Peter and Charlotte, Niki's kids).

I made Wonder Woman using Ohana Craft's pattern. The little skirt is what sold me-- so much cooler than running around in her underpants!  The shoes/boots crack me up, too.

Superman's pattern came from Clare Heesh, and I think the best part is the hair.  I stitched each strand over a little black wig cap.  It didn't take as long as I thought it would!

I did go rogue on the cape.  Clare's original pattern calls for a felt cape, but I didn't think it would stand up to Peter-grade play as well as a crocheted one, so I stole the pattern from the Batman I made him last year.  In looking for a picture of Batman, I just realized that I never posted one on this blog!  And, I never posted a picture of the Batman that I crocheted for Sonia's buddy, Evan!  So, here's a bit of a tangent for you.

This first Batman was made from Nerdigurumi's pattern, which is based on how Batman looks in the video game "Gotham City Imposters".  It was an early amigurumi for me, and I took this picture on my cell phone in bad lighting.

Here's the Batman I crocheted for Evan, but be forewarned....  I took these next two pictures after Batman had been played with (and washed) several times, so he looks a bit well-loved.

I free-handed this Batman using this basic amigurumi doll pattern.  Here's a better view of the flowing cape, which I borrowed from Nerdigurumi's Batman pattern.

Anyway, back to Wonder Woman and Superman.  I see some tiny imperfections (Wonder Woman's feet kind of turn to her right and her right arm is a bit wonky), but overall, I am so proud of these guys.  I made another set for Sonia's little buddies, Zach and Amelia, but I failed to take any pictures of those ones.

One more story about these guys....  I was having THE worst time trying to cut felt nicely enough to make the tiny stars and each superhero's chest logo.  Niki to the rescue!!  She had a small star punch (meant for scrapbooking, probably) that she had bought at Joann Fabrics a while back, and it worked on the stiff felt!  Then, we figured out that her Silhouette machine would work to cut out the intricate shapes on the stiff felt.  Amazing!!!!  That machine saved my sanity (and the amigurumis).  I then stitched the S onto Superman's logo shapes with embroidery floss.  Voila!

My gorgeous niece and handsome nephew love to snuggle their teeny superheroes!

P.S. Even though Niki is listed as the author of the post, this powerful pair was crocheted by me (Erin). I just forgot to take glamor shots of these amigurumis before I gifted them to Charbunkle and Pete-za Pie, so Niki was kind enough to do a photo session and upload the pictures to the Blogger program for me.  Thank you thank you thank you, Niki!!!  Sorry I cleaned out my clarinet with one of your toothbrushes that one time.

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