Monday, December 23, 2013

Fancy Christmas Napkins

For my mother-in-law's Christmas present, I made a set of 12 cloth Christmas dinner napkins -- made in a very similar manner to the Christmas tree ornaments, only much bigger.  I basically followed a tutorial from Keepsake Quilting, but put in fewer folds to end up with a chubbier end product.

We're having two formal dinners at Barb's over the next couple of days, and I hope that these match her table well enough that she might want to use them for one of them.  I wasn't sure how many to make, but I figured that since there were going to be 10 adults (Barb, Larry, me, Corey, Stephanie, Don, Granny, Dave, Lisa, and Ellie) at Barb's dinner the day after Christmas, I had better make it an even dozen.  Well, Ellie is almost an official adult anyway!  Isn't 12 place settings a typical number for a set of china?  I'll have to ask Barb how many place settings of china she has.  I bought two yards of each fabric and have enough left over to make at least four more napkins if she thought she might like some more.  I hope to take a photo of the napkins with her place setting if she chooses to incorporate them!

I'm such a sucker for polka dots.

The napkins are ironed in to shape, of course, but the tutorial also directs you to add lines of stitching where the folds should go to assist with getting the tree folded properly in the future.  It's an odd shape for a dinner napkin, but it's kind of fun.

I used what feels like quilting cotton for these.  I made them the same way I made the ornaments, but skipped the step of adding interfacing to one of the fabrics.  The fabric half-circles were cut to 18 inches across their diameters, but the seam allowances ate up a bit of that.  The finished product is a little more than 17 inches across.

These were very fun to make, but after making nearly 30 of the tree ornaments and 12 of these napkins, I think I'm done sewing half circles for a while!

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  1. I made one of these to see how they look and am wondering if they are even big enough to be considered a dinner napkin. I wanted to make a set of 8 as Christmas gifts but not so sure now as they don't seem big enough. What are your thoughts?