Thursday, December 19, 2013

Housewarming napkin holder

DAMMIT!  I hate it when I make something for someone and then really wish I could keep it.  This napkin holder is one of those things.

I made this the same way as the berry basket I made last August from the awesome Noodlehead tutorial, but this time I made it a little bigger.  My friend, Kym, saw the berry basket a few months ago and remarked that it would be perfect as a napkin holder if it was a larger size, and so I decided I needed to make her one as a housewarming gift.  They moved into their house a few weeks ago, but better later than never, right?

The finished product ended up a little bigger than I had intended it to, so I put some larger napkins in it to make it look a little better.  I'm going to buy a package of the larger dinner napkins (in white, though, because although Kym is a Spartan I doubt her Wolverine husband, Drew, would be thrilled with MSU ones) to give Kym along with the basket and hope that she falls in love with that size instead of the regular 6" napkins.  The 6" napkins will look fine in there too, but there will be a little more space around them.

The cool floral fabric on the outside is a quilting weight cotton found in the remnant bin.  The red striped fabric is from an old sheet set that Kym gave me, so it was a perfect use for it!  I used Peltex on the inside -- not the kind that is fusible on either side, because that's just what I had on hand.  Every time I sew with Peltex I feel like I'm wrestling with an alligator, but I'm so in love with this finished product that I might just have to go ahead and make another one of these for myself -- AFTER I have finished my Christmas sewing, of course.  Next time I will leave less of a gap between the corners, and I will make the bottom a little smaller.

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