Sunday, December 29, 2013

Corey's Spartan Hat

My hilarious brother-in-law, Corey, mentioned to me during Thanksgiving that he was wishing for one of those knit/crocheted hats that look like a Spartan hat (though not with Michigan State University colors-- he wanted classic bronze, black, and red) to wear while he shoveled snow.  He wanted to be able to pull the visor down over his face so he could stay warm during those all-too-often snow shoveling events now that he was back living in Michigan.  We looked all over the internet and chose this pattern (it looks like the pattern is no longer available for some reason, but you can buy the finished hats).  Here's the finished product!

I modeled it myself and took selfies with the iPad, so I apologize for how bizarre the pictures look.  I am a better crocheter than model.

Ack!!  Why are my eyes open so wide?!

Here's the coolest thing about the hat....  I lined with with fleece!!!  I looked at a bunch of tutorials online and with Niki's help, I successfully sewed the lining with the sewing machine (just for the center seam) and with a sewing needle (I don't think a sewing machine would work to attach the lining to the crocheted part of the hat.  Just wearing the hat for 5 minutes around the house made my head feel like it was in a sauna, so hopefully Corey will stay warm in this spartan helmet!

I went a little rogue with the pattern and added the fringe to the comb on the top and back of the helmet.  Corey specifically asked for red yarn, and the original pattern stopped with a crocheted ridge.

It was fun collaborating with Niki and Corey to make this helmet!  I think I tried it on Corey's head about 8 times and asked for his input at least 10 times.  Now I'm itching to make some more lined hats.  Since I made this helmet, I made another Hello Kitty hat and lined it, but I didn't have the recipient (Sonia's friend, Ana, who was turning 5 this month)) nearby to try it on, so it turned out too small.  SHOOT!!!!!!  But Ana claims to love it anyway and shoves it on her head as best she can.  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of her in it!

Argh.  Crocheting clothing is infuriating sometimes.  I like making stuff where gauge doesn't matter as much.  At least this hat turned out pretty good!


  1. Where can I find a pattern for this spartan beanie?

  2. Up in the first paragraph, I linked the words "this pattern" to where I bought it from

  3. But now it's not available! Boo! Google "crochet Trojan helmet" or "crochet knight helmet" and there are other options that look pretty good.