Monday, December 16, 2013

Rose and Evelyn's African Flower Ponies

A huge thank you goes out to my old high school friend, Val, for commissioning me to make these African flower ponies for her two adorable daughters.  I have seen many of Heidi Bears' African flower motif patterns float across my Pinterest feed and thought they were gorgeous, but I never found the time to try them out.

Each pony took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 hours to make, but that's probably a conservative estimate.  Despite the time invested, the end result was worth it!

I used sock-weight yarn (a mix of Deborah Norville and Lion Brand yarns) for these two little ponies.

Shhh.... Don't tell anyone, but I think the purple one is my favorite.

Here's the pink one!

I don't think I'd use variegated yarn again for an African flower design.  The solid colors showed up a tiny bit better.

Buddies!!  I can't wait to see a picture with Val's daughters holding the ponies.  I love the ears-- each one is made by crocheting a hexagon and then rolling it up.

These African flower designs (made up of triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, and octagons) appeal to the math nerd in me.  Love how you can use those geometric shapes to fashion such a cuddly stuffed animal!  I want to try more of these patterns in the future for sure.

Sonia was very sad to see the ponies go into a box and get shipped across country.  She would have been very happy to keep them for herself!!


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