Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fabric tree ornaments

When it comes to gifts for teachers, my usual modus operandi is to make them at the last possible second.  Thus, I am absolutely shocked that I am actually sitting here on December 10th with all of my teacher ornaments made.  I also want to make some cookies to send in with the ornaments, and I'm predicting I will be up past my bedtime making all of those the night before the last day of school.  It's not like you can make those very far ahead of time though, right?

Here are the cool little ornaments I made, using a tutorial from Life After Laundry.

No, the kids don't have 14 teachers.  I actually made 15 of them (one has already been gifted to my friend, Ivette) to give to all sorts of various and sundry people.  Peter has three teachers and an administrator, and Charlotte has a teacher plus a teacher's aide.  The other eight will go to other special people who shall remain nameless for now.

Here is a shot of an ornament up close.

The changes I made to the tutorial was to use two different fabrics instead of just one.  This gave the ornament more visual interest, in my opinion.  To make this change, I had to use a half circle that added a bit on the straight side to take into account a seam allowance.  I also added light-weight fusible interfacing to one of the fabrics to give the tree some body.  Then, I used a glue gun to tack down the folds at the tips, as well as to glue in the cord to make the hanger.  I glued in flat ribbon as a hanger for one of them, realized that it would make the ornament hang sideways, and then went to plan b (thin cord and string) for the other ornaments.

I got the cute polka-dotted/striped fabric from my mother-in-law (she de-stashed and I was the happy recipient!), and the rest were scraps from my scrap basket.  I just had an idea to glue on teeny jewels or a felt star at the top, but maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead.

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