Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sonia as Princess Leia

Yes, I know Halloween was a month and a half ago, but I have been crocheting like a madwoman (lots of Christmas gifts to make!!!) and have found no time for blogging.  Anyway, here is Sonia's Princess Leia Halloween costume, made by my own two hands!

I free-hand crocheted the wig/hat because I couldn't find a pattern (not free, not to buy!) that I liked.  She wore two versions: one with the buns clipped onto a yarn-covered headband (as shown in the last few pictures), and one with the buns clipped onto the wig/hat.

To sew Princess Sonia-Leia's dress, I used a lovely and easy-to-follow peasant dress tutorial.  Sonia and her neighbor/buddy, Mariana, posed so nicely for me!

Princess Leia and Super Girl also trick-or-treated with the Viking sensation, Enrique. I layered the peasant dress over a white turtleneck from Target and white leggings from Old Navy.

Here are the buns on the headband.  I hadn't made the wig/hat yet when we visited Johansen Farms with our playgroup.  Don't you just love the purple sneakers?  I think Leia would love to wear them if they existed her her galaxy.

Two little princesses.... Val (AKA Sofia the First) told us she didn't know how to make a scary face.

I sewed the belt using this awesome tutorial....  That blogger was the one who pointed me to the peasant dress tutorial!

May the force be with you, Princess Sonia of Alderaan.

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  1. what a great costume, and a fun mom! she looks adorable - and comfy. :)