Sunday, December 15, 2013

Even more ornaments!

Corey decided that the Christmas tree ornaments I was making looked like good gifts to give to his coworkers, so I cranked out 12 more this morning.  That brings my total to 25, I believe.  That's nothing compared to the crazy numbers of ornaments my awesome Aunt Janet makes every year (sometimes from fabric, sometimes from wood and other materials), but I have never claimed to be nearly as amazing as she is.

The Michigan State one at the bottom was only folded twice instead of three times so that more of the Spartan logo could show.  I think Corey is going to give that one to his buddy, Paul, at work.  This time I used embroidery floss as the hangers and it worked really well.

For future reference, a 1/4 yard each of two contrasting fabrics is the perfect amount to make eight ornaments.

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