Saturday, December 28, 2013

Milo's Rocket Ship

Way back in November (I'm kind of blogging out of order....), I crocheted this adorable little rocket for Sonia's friend, Milo.  Milo was turning 4 years old, and when I asked his mom for ideas of what to crochet for him, she mentioned some really cute rocketship bedding she had just bought him at Target.  I tried to use the same colors as the bedding, and here is the result:

Bobo is always trying to get in the crocheted creations pictures!  He thinks his handsomeness should be captured for posterity.

Love the fire colors coming out of the bottom!  I made the rocket using Red Heart Super Saver yarn and this pattern.  When I saw that the pattern was written by someone using the name "The Flying Dutchman", I knew I had to buy it.

Bobo is not impressed.  But Milo was!  He seemed to really love it when he opened it at his birthday party.

Happy birthday, Milo buddy!!!

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