Monday, December 30, 2013

Tooth Fairy pillow

If wishing could make teeth fall out, Charlotte wouldn't have a single one left in her head.  Unfortunately, she has yet to lose a single baby tooth and it's darn near killing her.  Everyone else in her kindergarten class (according to Charlotte, at least) has already lost at least one tooth.  (Of course, it seems like half of her class has already turned 6, so that does make Charlotte one of the younger ones in there.)  I tried to reassure her that Auntie Ernie and I also had "slow teeth" and that they fell out eventually, but the poor girl is still bereft that her teeth are staying stubbornly in place.

I had mentioned to my friend, Nancy, that I needed to make a Tooth Fairy pillow for when Charlotte's teeth finally decided to jump ship.  The next time I saw her, she brought me an example of a ridiculously cute pillow her mother had made (she is an amazing seamstress/quilter) that looked like the back of a pair of jeans.  I fell in love with it and loosely copied it by just winging a pattern and eyeballing everything.  (Please excuse Charlotte's bed head and Wonder Woman/Batgirl/Supergirl pajamas.)

The lighter blue denim is from some shockingly short (at least in my opinion, anyway) jean shorts I wore in college/law school, and the darker denim is cut from a leg left over from a pair of Charlotte's old jeans.

I made the pillow gender neutral so we could use it for both kids.  I'm totally going to steal the idea I heard about where the Tooth Fairy leaves a "tooth receipt" that we can then put in Charlotte's baby book.  Too bad the baby book is still woefully incomplete.  Don't even get me started on how terribly empty Peter's is.  I'm definitely NOT a candidate for mother of the year.  I can sew silly things for my kids all day long, but keeping a scrapbook to document their babyhood freezes me up instantly.

So where does the tooth go, Charlotte?

I keep teasing her about just yanking one of her teeth out with some pliers, but she doesn't think that's funny at all.  Five bucks says one finally gets accidentally knocked loose when she and her brother are tussling over a toy or something.


  1. Oh my goodness, your prediction kind of came true....

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You're totally right. One head bump from Peter was all it took -- eight months after this post!