Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Berry basket

I am in love with small baskets.  I have made many different types and thought I had seen all of the possible permutations out there, but then one of my favorite sewing bloggers came up with an adorable new design for a "Berry Basket".  I made the larger size, but now I'm itching to make one of the smaller sizes.  I know I keep using the same fabrics over and over again, but I still have a bunch of these prints and I really love them.  Until I'm rich and have a sewing studio full of amazing fabrics, I'm working with what I have.

I wanted to fill the basket with something cute for the picture and my mind blanked.  Charlotte suggested pinecones.  Brilliant!

Such a cute basket, and an even cuter model.  It took me too long to get the focus right and her sweet smile had faded somewhat here, though.  She hasn't had to smile for an entire two-mile long parade while performing colorguard routines, so her lack of stamina is understandable.

I cheated and used two layers of Pellon 808 Craft Fuse (one on the lining and one on the outside) because I didn't have enough Pellon 72F, but the basket turned out great anyway.  I probably had enough Pellon 71F (which is only fusible on one side), so if I make the smaller version I will try it with that.

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