Monday, August 5, 2013

Another racerback dress and a revelation

This racerback dress was made from some heavier knit that Charlotte helped me pick out at the fabric store.  Unfortunately, it's kind of a bust because the armholes are too big even though I cut them a little smaller than the pattern specified.  I think my whole "I know better than the pattern drafter -- I should bind the neck and armholes way differently" attitude was proven to be misguided (Sonia's racerback dress using the same technique ended up to have oversized armholes and the binding didn't look so great after washing).  Whoops.  I may have to try this again but with the right type of binding, because Charlotte loooooooves little cotton dresses like this.  So, my latest revelation is that I should try to follow the directions a little better when making something I'm not so skilled at sewing, like clothing.  Obvious to most people, but not necessarily to a hard-headed person like me.

I took this photo of Charlotte with the iPad right after I first made the dress, and I was annoyed that it wasn't more in focus.

So today, I tried to get some more shots of her, but she threw an uncharacteristic fit when I whipped the camera out.

I know models are supposed to pout, but this is ridiculous.

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