Friday, August 9, 2013

I AM NOT A QUILTER! (with a wonky table runner as proof)

Seriously, why do I keep fooling myself into thinking that I can quilt?  I just don't have a steady-enough hand or something.  I think I also mess up by using fabrics of different weights together, even though a little warning light goes off in my brain every time I do it.  Still, I decided I needed to replace the simple dresser scarf I had sewed for Charlotte's dresser with a nice quilted runner.  I gave myself a huge headache because I was concentrating so hard, and I regretted the use of cream in the runner.  I didn't have any white fabric, so I figured cream would look all right.  I was wrong.  Sigh.

Anyway, Charlotte says she loves it, and I think it will stay in place until the next time I forget how terrible I am at quilting and attempt something better.  I liked the "Disappearing Nine Patch" pattern that I found, and it probably would have helped if I had followed the directions on color placement a little better.  I also didn't use any of the things you're really supposed to use while quilting (a walking foot, spray baste, etc.) so that also kind of worked against me.  I didn't want to take any pictures of it without the dresser tchotchkes in place so no one could see how wonky it was.

But enough about its shortcomings -- voila, the new dresser topper/table runner for Charlotte's room!

I think I shouldn't have used bias tape for the binding, because it seems to sort of pull and wrinkle sideways.  This also could be user-error, of course.

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