Monday, August 12, 2013

New and improved Gallon o' Games bag for Bramanda

Last spring, I made a bag for Brad & Amanda (aka Bramanda) to use to replace their tattered gallon-size ziplock bag that held their travel game collection (more affectionately known as the "Gallon o' Games").  It became apparent that I did not take into account just how freaking heavy this collection was.  Their bag needed some handles, so I thought and thought and finally came up with a way to add handles that would also add some support to the bottom of the bag.  

I twisted a long loop of cotton webbing into a figure eight, put the point at which the loops crossed under the bag, and then brought the loops up along the sides.  I sewed the webbing to the bottom of the bag and then securely stitched each strap to the top section of the bag, just above the clear vinyl.  I'm kind of glad that I didn't put the handles on originally, because I probably would have incorporated them into the seam between the top and bottom sections, which would have given no support to the bottom and eventually ripped out.  I mean, this bag is reeeeeeeally heavy.  It could possibly be used as a weapon if you could swing it fast enough.  Please do not take that as a challenge, Brad.

Here it is, with the handles down . . .

. . . and here it is, with the handles up, ready to be toted off to a brewery or game night.

When I was reloading the bag, I noticed that one of the games (a dreidel and a bunch of pennies) was being contained in a sandwich-sized ziplock baggie.  Oh no!  Not in this fancy new game bag!!  I quickly whipped up a drawstring bag out of duck cloth to hold it instead.  Then, I realized that the cloth is so stiff that it still kind of gapes open a tiny bit at the top -- even when tightly closed.  It's unlikely the pennies will fall out since the bag is not really moving around freely inside the Gallon o' Games bag, but I will warn Bramanda of the danger.  Several of the other games with tiny pieces are contained in Crown Royal bags, and after I reloaded all the games into the Gallon o' Games I noticed there was an extra Crown Royal bag that could have been used for the dreidel and pennies.  Oh well.

Fun fact -- the fabric for the top of the bag was left over from making Charlie Jo's nursery curtains.

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