Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another super cool zipped cylinder toiletry bag

I made an even cooler version of this great tutorial -- this time using fusible fleece batting and a bit of Craft Fuse on the end circles (for extra strength and stability).  The inside lining is plain black (and didn't photograph so well), but the cool part is that I reused the material from an umbrella that my kids ruined a while back.  It should be waterproof if it came from an umbrella, right?  I just need to get a hold of a cord stopper thingy for the inside drawstring part, and then this puppy is ready to go!

The addition of the fusible fleece (cut slightly smaller than the pattern pieces to keep it out of the seam allowances, and trimmed if it did get in there by accident) didn't make the bag harder to sew at all.  It adds a nice heft to the bag and perhaps a bit of protection for the contents.  I also put a thin strip of the fusible fleece in the handle.  I wish I could say I tried to line up the flowers on the top and the bottom of the bag, but that was just a happy accident (well, almost -- they're still a little wonky)!  I guess this pattern does work better with a tinier and less regular print because of the issue of matching up between the top and the bottom.


  1. Love the fabric! And I can think of so many possibilities of how I can use it! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more! Do you have pages for Facebook and Pinterest I can follow?

    1. Britney -- we're pretty small time (we only started the blog to amuse each other and track our creations for posterity), but I added "follow me on Pinterest" buttons on the right-hand-side in case anyone is interested. Erin and I both spend an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest, but with fairly narrow interests. I follow your blog and love it!

  2. Another lovely bag Niki -that's a great idea to use the fleece for a bit of stability too! and I'm impressed at how those flowers match up on the top and bottom too!