Monday, August 26, 2013

Cady Lane's SpongeBob

My awesome cousin (Cady Lane), her mom (Aunt Kim), and her sister (Abbey) came to visit us this past weekend, and I decided at the last second (2 days ahead of time) that I wanted to crochet Cady Laners a little plushie.  Abbey and I texted back and forth a bit, and when I found out that Cady Lane is into SpongeBob Square Pants, I was so excited.  Just like the minion I crocheted for Nicholas, SpongeBob is PERFECT for crocheting!  Bright colors (which I already had in my stash-- woo hoo!) and very simple shapes.  I searched around a lot for a good free pattern, but none of them looked as fabulous as this $2.00 pattern available on Craftsy.  $2.00 is less than most people spend on Starbucks!  That's practically free.  Anyway, here's the finished product!

SpongeBob is typically shown with buck teeth protruding from his smile.....

but I couldn't get them to look quite right, so I chose to do the very simple beatific smile called for in the pattern.  But, I did add the apples of his cheeks, which were not in the pattern.  I also fixed the placement of the eyes (the pattern called for them to be separate, and I couldn't find one picture of SpongeBob that didn't have his eyes smooshed together to the point of overlapping).

As usual, I used an F hook and Red Heart Super Saver worsted-weight yarn.

I'm a moron and didn't get a picture of Cady Lane with her SpongeBob, but she seemed to like him a lot!  It was really nice getting to spend time with my aunt and cousins because they are so much fun.  Love you ladies!!

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