Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yet another Gathered Clutch

I have so many patterns that I want to sew that I rarely repeat previous ventures, but I have now made a third Gathered Clutch.  It's a great pattern, with a fabulous end result.  This one, I made for my friend, Natalie, from some of Amanda's fabric.  I thought it would be fun to take a picture of just all of the pieces that go into one of these little clutches, so I shot this picture for Instagram.

I realized afterward that I had actually forgotten to cut a piece, so just imagine a 4" by 9" strip of the gray and yellow lining fabric (for the band on the gathered side of the clutch) added to all of that.  Of course, I have added to the original tutorial an additional layer of interfacing on the non-gathered side as well as some felt batting, not to mention the side tabs, wristlet strap, and appropriate interfacing/felt batting for those as well.  It makes for a time-consuming cutting process, but a pretty quick sew.

Anyway, here is the finished clutch.  It's got a very modern combination of fabrics.  I hope Natalie likes it!

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