Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A second Playdate Frock -- this time using a knit

I made a second Playdate Frock using an adorable teal and white polka dotted jersey knit.  Or at least I think it's jersey.  I'm really not sure the difference between jersey and interlock.  I think I need to wander around Haberman Fabrics for a while someday and try to teach myself about different types of fabric. I can read all day long about voile, interlock, and crepe, but I really don't have a good knowledge base that comes from actually working with those materials.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure this was jersey!

I didn't get any glamor shots of Charlotte wearing this yet, but here are two photos of her up in northern Michigan sporting it.  There is a purple heart and purple pockets (courtesy of her daddy's Northwestern University t-shirt that got a nasty grease stain on the front), but their color didn't photograph well.  I knew Charlotte might get a little cranky because the dress wasn't pink, so I decided to throw her Fancy Nancy-loving-self a bone and put a heart on it.  I also added a ruffled strip to the pockets to make them extra "cute".  Unsurprisingly, the heart and the ruffles on the pockets are Charlotte's favorite part.

Here is Charlotte at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore after we toured their Maritime Museum.

And here she is at the top of Pyramid Point (with her back to the amazing view, unfortunately).

You may also notice that the length of the "frock" is more like a long tunic.  That's because my machine rebelled against me when I tried to hem with a stretch stitch.  The details of my epic hemming battle are unimportant (yes, I was using a needle meant for knits -- not sure what else I was doing wrong because the rest of the dress sewed up just fine with a straight stitch), but the result was that I was forced to chop off the hem (to get rid of the chewed-up spots) and simply zig-zagged around the bottom.  It rolls up and looks like a low-tech lettuce-edge if you kind of squint.  The gathered sleeves would have looked cute that way, too.

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