Sunday, August 23, 2015

A boxy zipper pouch without a purpose

Sometimes, I make things for a specific purpose.  Often, though, it's more fun to make something because the tutorial simply looks fun or the finished product is too cute to resist.  This pouch was made because I have a buttload of inherited stash, including a bunch of zippers.  I'm sure this pouch will find a use at some point!

The zipper is actually light pink, but the color didn't photograph well.  The exterior is a cool blue home decor fabric from the inherited stash.

Surprise!  Pink polkadots inside.  Yes, the lining looks horrid.  That's because the tutorial has you construct the interior and exterior separately, then drive yourself BONKERS sewing them together.  I'm pretty sure I was supposed to hand-stitch it or something, but I AVOID HAND-STITCHING AT ALL COSTS!  This wasn't meant as a gift or anything, so I can just make sure I keep it zipped as much as possible and pretend everything looks a whole lot prettier inside.

Maybe this would be good for stashing my cords in when I travel!


  1. Cute little pouch! I like the blue fabric on the outside and the little tags on the sides!

  2. Cute little pouch! I am with you, hate hand sewing! I make up lots of small pouches throughout the year. They make perfect little gifts!

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