Friday, August 21, 2015

Overdue bike basket for Ben

I have been meaning to make a bike basket for Ben, my son's BFF, for about a year now.  Every time he bikes over to our house, he sticks all of his essential toys and treasures du jour in a plastic grocery sack and hangs it on his handlebar.  No longer!

The photograph is terrible, but it shows the essentials -- bike with a basket and a happy little six-year-old.

I used my favorite Bicycle Bucket tutorial from Anna of Noodlehead.  I couldn't find the pattern I had printed out and our printer is busted, so I just sort of winged it based on my memory and the dimensions in the tutorial.  I would have used Peter's basket as a template, but I can't find it to save my life for some reason.  Who knows where that little twerp stashed it.  Anyhow, the exterior fabric is duck cloth, and the lining/binding is my favorite flame fabric that shows up in nearly every project I make for any boy I know.

After I took the photo of the basket on the bike, the boys insisted I take one of them "looking cool".

I love those little goofballs.

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