Thursday, July 3, 2014

Basket for Charlotte Doll's accessories

I was tired of Charlotte throwing all of the accessories and clothes for "Charlotte Doll" (her faux American Girl doll) in the little cupboard next to her bed.  They are always in a big jumbled heap and they all fall out ever time she opens the cupboard doors.  Well, now the paraphernalia will be in a jumbled heap in a basket inside the cupboard!

Yes, I am fully aware that the fabric is going the wrong way.  I knew it when I started the project, but when you're using hand-me-down scrap fabric (courtesy of my mother-in-law), you work with what you have.  This was a nice heavy cotton that I added fusible fleece to for some sturdiness.  I generally followed this tutorial, but I cut the fabric pieces to 16" x 24" and cut out 4" squares from the folded pieces.

The lining is some purple canvas from my stash.  I ignored the way the tutorial said to make the handles and just improvised my own by cutting pieces 6" x 9", ironing them like I was making bias tape, finishing off the ends, then sewing four lines down them.  (That probably makes no sense to anyone else, but if I ever try to sew this basket again I will know what I am talking about!)  I stitched them on with the ends folded under so they would pop out from the sides of the basket and be easy for Charlotte to grab.  I do wish I had put them up a little higher, but it still works.

(Whoops -- should have ironed the lining a little better before I took the photo.  I swear it doesn't really look that bad in person.  It's soon to be filled with tons of tiny shoes, scarves, undies, headbands, etc., so no one will ever be able to tell.)

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