Friday, July 18, 2014

Mom's Replacement Apron

While Niki was down here visiting us in Texas, Mom requested that we remake her favorite apron.  Niki had make all three of us simple aprons (using one her mother-in-law had sewed for Corey once upon a time as a template) with crocheted ties and neck straps when we spent Thanksgiving at her house in Tennessee way back in 2005 (I think).  Mom used it to death, but it was getting long in the tooth.  Here is Bobo, disapproving of the nearly decade-old apron.

Apparently, Mom was pretty hard on her apron and eventually it cried "UNCLE!"  According to her, the rip appeared out of nowhere.  We think there might have been some cooking-related shenanigans going on.

Mom and Niki headed to the fabric store and picked out a pretty batik fabric for the replacement apron.  The old crocheted straps were still holding up well, but they did look a little old.  I was drafted to crochet some new ones with the leftover yarn that Niki still had and gifted to me when she declared herself on a crochet hiatus.  Niki used the old apron as a template, did what she considered to be a MUCH better job of sewing it (since her skills have improved quite a bit over this past decade), and voila!

Mom now has a new simple apron.  This one had always been her favorite because the crocheted straps were especially comfortable on her neck.  Niki asked her if she wanted a pocket or any sort of decorative element but Mom declined.  Sometimes, simple is best.  We'll see if this one survives for another decade!

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  1. Beautiful apron! And what a great idea to crochet the straps! I'm sure your Mum will be using this for years to come!