Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Birthday Amigurumis

My favorite people to crochet for are little kids.... especially little kids having birthdays!  Here are some cool amigurumis that I crocheted during August for some of my favorite chitlins:

Cinderella!!  Sahrit has done it once again and designed the coolest Disney princess pattern.  Love, love, love this Cinderella!

The hair and the hands are what sells this!

My only complaint is that Sahrit's princesses have empty skirts, and I don't think that would stand up well to play by little kids (the recipient was turning 4).  So, I crocheted a circle for the bottom and stuffed the skirt with poly-fil.

Sahrit also designed the Rapunzel I made for Aanya and the Sleeping Beauty I made for Renee.

For the same little girl, I whipped up a cute Little Mermaid (I've made it twice before, for Mariana and Stella), designed by JanaGeek.

I am still so in love with the methodology used to create this beautiful head of hair!

I also crocheted a funny little hedgehog from a book (Seriously Cute Crochet) that my friend, Pauline, sent me.  How hilarious is this handsome dude?!

Thanks for the book, Pauline!

During August, I also made my third Wonder Woman.  That skirt is just so adorable and perfect for a Wonder Woman who is interested in being a bit more modest.

I didn't like the hair that the Wonder Woman in the pattern has (too many loose pieces of yarn to get yanked on and unravel), so, just as I had done for Charlotte & Amelia's Wonder Women, I copied JanaGeek's Little Mermaid hair.

Whew!  That's a lot of amigurumi.

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