Thursday, August 28, 2014

Outfitting Barb & Larry's boat

I got all of the pillows and three of the nine bags done for Barb & Larry's boat!  They are headed there this weekend with their friends, so I sent them off with the finished products.

Here are all of the pillows:

The upholstery and carpeting on the boat are very neutral, so these should give some nice color and cheer to it.  They look pretty nice on my couch, actually!  The larger pillows are 16" square, and the smaller ones are, as I recall, 12" x 16".  They all have zippers on them and are made of outdoor fabric.  They promised to take some photos of the pillows in place on the boat, so I hope to update this post sometime soon.

Here are the bags, which are for fitting into the nooks and crannies on the boat (rather than bringing large bags of their supplies which will then take up lots of the precious room).

I altered the lunch bag tutorial from Pink Penguin to make these bags to the dimensions Barb requested.  They are all made of quilting cotton and interfaced with fusible fleece.  I used cotton webbing for the handles rather than sewing my own handles (1) because I like that look better, and (2) because I think they look more polished that way.  I also altered the pattern to include double drawstrings that pull against each other as closure rather than using drawstring stoppers.  The drawstrings are nylon cording.

I still need to make a four long, skinny bags in the style of the ones above, a large tote bag to carry all the pillows in, and a small tote bag to carry some sand toys for the grandkids.  When I'm back from our upcoming trip to Indiana and a last night of camping, I can hopefully knock all of those out in a couple of days.

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