Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feathered Friend Amigurumis

I first crocheted this peacock pattern and this baby flamingo pattern last spring when I made all of the party favors for Sonia's 4th birthday party.  These patterns are so great!!! When we were getting ready to go on vacation in Arkansas with some friends who have two little girls (age 7 and 5), I busted out these patterns and made each girl an amigurumi of her own.

While we were in Arkansas, I taught the older girl how to crochet (just chain and single crochet stitches), which was so much fun!  Sonia has renewed her requests for me to teach her, so I will try once again.  Our previous attempts have been fruitless, but perhaps now that she's 5, her manual dexterity might have caught up with her desire to crochet.  Anyway-- back to the amigurumi-- here are the birds I crocheted for Sonia's little buddies:

 I love the hilarious little feathers on the top of the peacock's head!


  1. They are so cute !!!

  2. What adorable little creatures! Great work! I'm always so impressed at (and jealous of) your crochet skills!