Thursday, February 5, 2015

A manly basket for a little dude's diapers

My old friend, Kathryn, had her first baby not too long ago.  Well, it was back in November, actually. It's not too late to send a baby gift, right?  RIGHT?!?!?  Please say yes.

Anyhoo, I followed a great tutorial from one of my very favorite blogs, The Sewing Loft.  It's called the Stackable Scrap Bucket because you're supposed to make the exterior from pieced scraps, but I went rogue and used this tan and black plaid.

[It's 15 degrees outside right now and I didn't have the energy to clean up the toy explosion, so I'm pretending they're supposed to be a colorful background.]

There's a reason this fabric is so masculine -- both the exterior and the lining came from two of my dad's old shirts!  They were nice Eddie Bauer shirts that wore out at the cuffs.  Mom tried to make them into short-sleeved shirts, but discovered that it's not quite as simple as cutting off the sleeves and hemming.  Luckily, she thought of me and saved the shirts so I could make something from them.  Thanks, Mom!

The rope handles are so much fun.  If it weren't for them, though, the bucket would actually be reversible.  I had originally intended for the dark fabric to be the exterior, but when I accidentally placed the seams in the wrong place (the front and back instead of the sides), I had to go with Plan B. (I had to piece together the vertical parts from two pieces instead of it just being one like the pattern called for.)

I figure this basket would work well to hold diapers, toys, or anything else little Nolan (that's his name) might want to put inside.  I like that the basket isn't too babyish, so it can grow with him.

I used fusible fleece on both the lining and the exterior, so there is a double layer throughout.  Makes for a nice weight of basket, actually.  I should have gotten a better shot of the cute grommets on the sides.  I'm such a sucker for grommets.  I added the piping along the top outer rim of the basket, but it's not very obvious.  I'm also a sucker for piping, of course.

Welcome to the world, sweet Nolan!

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