Friday, February 20, 2015

More hats than you can shake a stick at

Is there anything more fun, satisfying, and relatively quick to crochet than a cute little hat?  Nope.  Here are a few that I have made over the last few months...

This kitty hat was based on the Crazy Cat Hat pattern, but because I wanted to use worsted weight yarn, I incorporated the Crochet Shark Hat pattern and the Hello Kitty Hat pattern. Despite the Frankenstein-ish combining of patterns, I think this hat turned out pretty cute!  I gave it to my beautiful cousin, Audrey, for Christmas.

Sonia modeled it for me, and she almost refused to take it off and give it back.  This girl would like it if I did nothing but crochet millions of hats for her.

When my little buddy, Ike, broke his arm over Thanksgiving weekend, I freehanded this Chop Chop (from Skylanders Giants) hat to send to him.  Sonia happily modeled it for me.

There is a removable face mask part, but I failed to get a picture of Sonia wearing the hat with the mask attached!  Whoops.  Here it is (as modeled by a canister of coffee):

I made another one of my beloved Graph Beanies, and this time I created my own graph!  My Michigan State University-loving brother-in-law received this hat from me for Christmas.

Here's yet another graph beanie, this time with a Longhorn on it!  My daughter's school mascot is a longhorn, and their colors are black and red.  I donated this to the school's annual silent auction, and someone bought it for $10.

I had been wanting to try making the Olivia's Butterfly Hat pattern for several years now, and I finally found someone to make it for-- my adorable neighbor (whom I am teaching to crochet!). I love how the butterfly is created with negative space.  I should have straightened out the butterfly a bit more before taking this picture.  Isn't this such a cute hat?

I love crocheting hats.  LOVE.

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