Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bag holder from my new book!

For my birthday, Erin got me an awesome book called Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders.  I finally busted it out and made a simple project (I was in the mood for something I could knock out in a half hour or less) out of it.  I thumbed through it and quickly found what I had in mind -- a plastic bag holder.

I have needed a holder for plastic grocery bags (which I use for kitty litter scooping) for a looooong time.  I could have just dreamed up a design for one and sewn it myself, but it was nice to use someone else's instructions and get it right the first time.  I love the fabric so much that I hate to keep it hanging in the basement I won't see it very often, but at least I will have a cute accessory for the kitty litter area.

It holds a shocking number of bags.  I probably overstuffed it a little, but I go through those bags pretty fast since I double-bag the, um, stuff.  The directions for the holder were nice and easy to follow, and I can't wait to make more things from the book!  (I cheated though by using quilting weight fabric instead of the home decor weight fabric like the book specified.  I also changed the construction to use a french seam for the body of the bag because I am becoming phobic about raw edges in my work.)

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