Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fabric basket

In my quest to find a great fabric basket that I can mass produce to hold things in various places in the house, I tried yet another new design.  It turned out okay, but the shortcomings of this basket were due to a combination of a vague direction and bad interpretation by yours truly.  The finished product is usable, but it's going to bug me a little how the interior just doesn't sit right.

The angle of this photo sort of makes the basket look lopsided, but it's really not.

I liked the looks of this tutorial, but the directions simply specified "stiff fusible interfacing".  Sounded like Peltex would do the trick to me.  Um, not so much.  Peltex made the seam allowances so bulky that the interior of the basket wouldn't nest properly into the exterior of the basket, and I had to improvise a finishing technique for the top edge because there was no way I could have followed the directions and had it work.  I made some binding to match the lining and it actually went on pretty well.  You can see the bulging caused by the interior not seating well.  Maybe I should have made the interior pattern piece 1/8" smaller all around to help?  Or if I didn't use the interfacing on the lining?  The basket is supposed to be reversible, so maybe that's why the directions specified that you should use interfacing on both pieces.

Charlotte loves the little basket, of course, and she insisted on helping model it for the pictures.  She grabbed a scrap of fabric and draped it artfully over the side to show that the basket can hold things.

The cut out handles on the sides are pretty darn cute.

"This could hold a lot of good stuff, Mommy!"

I do want to try this basket again, just without the frickin' frackin' Peltex.  That stuff is awesome for a lot of things, but this basket was not one of them.  Perhaps some Craft Fuse (or whatever it's called) would produce a better result.  Looking back at the tutorial, the interfacing the author used looked floppier than Peltex.  Maybe Peltex counts as "ultra stiff" instead of just "stiff"?

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