Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Drawstring bag

I sewed two identical drawstring bags for my mom and Erin to thank them for taking care of the kids while I house-hunted in Michigan last spring. Looking back, I realize this was very ambitious for my sewing experience level, so I'm pleased with how well they turned out! I got the both fabrics as remnants and wish I still had some more of each of them. (Actually, I just remembered that I used the rest of the red solid fabric for the base of Erin's jean purse.)  I used a terrific tutorial from a really great blog, and I then I made it a couple of more times after that on projects I also gave away without photographing.  I am in Texas visiting Mom and used this bag today to carry a change of noise and shorts for the recently sort-of potty-trained Petey, and it worked very well!