Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New and improved Rescue Bots bags

I decided that since Peter's other Transformers Rescue Bots bag didn't quite fit them all, a new bag was in order.  Since he and his bestie, Ben (who has a set of Rescue Bots of his own), haul those goofy things back and forth between each other's houses on a daily basis, Ben clearly needed one too.  I checked out my fabric stash and wasn't thrilled with the masculine options and took Peter fabric shopping.  That is how Peter's bag ended up with gaudy flaming motorcycles on it.  At least Ben's bag is a little cuter.

The bag fits all six full-sized Rescue Bots with plenty of room left over to throw in the mini figures as well!  Peter was so thrilled by the bag, which is made all the sewing worth it.

I used a pattern from the book Erin got me a while back -- the same one I used for Peter's Batman bag.  Again, while I do like the pattern, I thought the method of making the handles (which I actually followed this time, even though I LOATHE turning tubes) was goofy and the instructions for the drawstring were inane.  Again, I improvised my own drawstring casing structure and added a second drawstring so the bag could be opened and closed easier than with a drawstring stopper.

Peter's bag is lined in a black fabric with a subtle fur-like pattern that didn't photograph well.  Ben's bag is lined in the red version of the same fabric.

Can't wait to give Ben his bag this afternoon!  Now he and Peter can haul their Bots back and forth in style (rather than in the plastic grocery bags we usually use).

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