Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wonder Women

My dear, sweet friend, Joslyne (whom I have yet to forgive for moving to Boston, even though that was about four years ago), shares my adoration of Wonder Woman as a horribly kitchy yet awesome heroine.  She is the author of the wonderful blog Fight Like a Mother, which is about her journey with fibromyalgia.  If anyone should be considered a heroine, it's someone trying to live life with fibromyalgia.  But I digress.  Joslyne's daughter, Zoey, was Charlotte's first BFF, and we look forward to reuniting them one day.

After I made Charlotte her Wonder Woman shirt, Joslyne got so excited about it that I knew I had to make some for her and Zoey.  Looks like they like them, huh?

I'm ashamed to admit that I made myself a matching pink Wonder Woman shirt but wasn't smart enough to try it on until AFTER I had washed it and stitched on the WW symbol.  The shirt turned out to be obscenely tight over my chest, so I gave it to Erin (who is still on MY LIST for being my identical twin yet weighing at least 25 pounds less than me).  So at least Erin and Joslyne (who have met and hung out and even planned a surprise baby shower for me together) can be matching Wonder Women.  Looks like I have to find myself a new blank t-shirt and get sewing so I can match too.  Let's hope we can all have a little Wonder Woman convention together again someday!

[By the way, Zoey, Charlotte is SO JEALOUS that you have already lost some teeth!  I'm just about ready to accidentally-on-purpose bonk Charlotte in the mouth just so she can lose a stinkin' tooth.  It's pretty hard for a six-year-old to be patient about such an important milestone!]

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  1. OMG! We're famous!!! We made THE BLOG!!!!! We love love love the shirts. I've worn mine out on the town already and Z is wearing hers to school tomorrow because "Wonder Woman is Friday." Not sure what that really means . . . but okay! Thank you thank you thank you!