Thursday, April 24, 2014

Odie's dresser scarf

My friend Kym's daughter, Odessa, has a brightly painted yellow room with lots of gorgeous colors.  I had some more fabric left over from the fabric bundle I had made my Easter-y table runner from, and it reminded me of Odie's bedroom.  I wanted to try the disappearing nine-patch pattern again (like the runner I made for Charlotte's dresser, and this is what I came up with.  Not sure if you call it a dresser scarf or a table runner if it's quilted like this!

I just used regular old store-bought extra-wide bias tape for the binding.  I hate how see-through it is, so I would definitely use a darker color if I made this again.  I just stitched in the ditch in the seams between the rows and columns of blocks because I figured something with piecing this busy didn't need a whole lot else going on.

I swear that the backing (some navy bottom-weight fabric) doesn't look this wrinkly in person.  You can see the quilting I did here a little better.

I hope Odie likes it!  Charlotte and Odie are very good buddies, and Charlotte declared that OF COURSE Odie will love it.  Good enough for me.

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