Friday, April 25, 2014

Quilt as you go and self-binding summer table runner

I have read about the "quilt as you go" technique in many places.  Basically, it's where you sew the pieces to the batting and backing as you attach them together.  I had some more of the Robert Kaufman jelly roll left over and decided to try making a summery table runner for my kitchen island using that technique.  It was interesting to try, but not really all that much easier than piecing the top together and then quilting it to the felt.  Meh.

I added a bit of scrap denim at the ends because I thought that gave it a little interest.  The backing and binding are from an old sheet my friend, Kym, gave me to use for sewing.  The stripes are probably a little too busy for the runner, but I kind of like them.  If I made this again, I would probably use solid red for the backing and binding.

To amuse myself, I decided to try the binding technique where you cut the backing large enough to wrap around to the front to serve as binding (sometimes referred to as a "self-binding" method, which I think gives it way too much credit because it's make it sound like there's less work, which there really is not in my opinion).

The binding technique was cool enough, but I don't like how the mitered corners sort of gape open.  I swear I followed the directions exactly, but somehow this is still happening.  I'm not sure how to fix this, short of hand sewing them shut (GACK!  I hate hand sewing!) or stitching an ugly zig-zag to hold them together.  Hmm.  Will have to research to see if anyone else has a better solution.  I did think the binding technique was fun and want to try it again.

So, although summer is still WAAAAAAY off, we're going to just pretend it's just around the corner and put this puppy on the island now.  Maybe the weather will finally get the hint?

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  1. Looks lovely, hang on in there with the quilt as you go technique - it is quicker if you are making bigger quilts, I made one for a toddler bed. Useful if you want to make a quick quilt/use up scraps/charity quilts. The one I did is here:

    Hoping to teach daughter this technique as not sure she would be able to do normal quilting with control yet.