Friday, June 13, 2014

Cathedral Window Pincushion experiment

I was bored one day and decided that although I really don't need another pincushion, I totally needed to try making a cool-looking Cathedral Window Pincushion I had seen on My Go-Go Life.  I have never tried a complicated piecing technique like this, so it was a complete and total experiment.  It turned out a little wonky, but it wasn't bad for my first attempt.

The tutorial was great, and I know what to do differently next time to get an even better result.  The button in the middle is hiding an ugly spot that I think I know how to fix in the future.  I wish I had used white fabric for the "window panes" or bought some of the right shade of blue thread, because this would be even cuter if the stitching wasn't so obvious.

[By the time I got to the step where I needed to hand-sew the opening shut, I was too lazy to pay attention to which color thread I should have used (hence the white stitching on the dark blue, which looks AWFUL).  So, this is going in my sewing cabinet (with the ugly side turned to the back, of course).  I do want to try making one of these again, though!  If I ever figure out someone who might like a little pincushion, this will be my go-to design.  Very few of my friends sew (actually, only one), and my relatives who sew are probably well supplied with pincushions.  This would also make a cute doll pillow though.  Hmmm...]

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