Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hair Accessory Organizer

A few months ago, inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest (there was no pattern listed), I free-handed this fun hair accessory organizer to help me corral Sonia's myriad barrettes and clips.

Notes for next time (if there is one):

1) Use a more substantial hanger!  That wire hanger is not quite tough enough for the weight of the yarn AND the barrettes.  I need to add some reinforcement scaffolding to make sure it doesn't stretch over time.

2) Use more substantial yarn!  I used some Red Heart Soft that I had on hand, and it just doesn't feel tough enough to handle clipping and unclipping these accessories.  Cotton worsted weight yarn would probably work great.

I'm not sure how long this holder will last.  But for now, I'm loving it!  We've been using it for several months, and Sonia and I love being able to see all of her accessory options at one time without having to rummage in a drawer (and this freed up drawer space!).  The organizer hangs in my closet, because I do Sonia's hair in my bathroom every morning.  But someday, it will move upstairs to her room.

I added a cute little flowery design to the top to give it a little flourish:

Better living and organization through crochet!  Now THAT is a good use of yarn and time.  I should make myself some baskets next.....

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