Monday, June 23, 2014

Sonia's dresser scarf

In Sonia's new house, her dresser doesn't fit inside her closet and thus sits out in the open.  Erin decided that the dresser needed a dresser scarf to protect it, and I hunted down some cute purple fat quarters and yardage to get the job done.  I sort of improvised a more modern-looking design (since country chic isn't exactly Erin's style) and came up with this.

It's about 40" long and 16" wide.  I had all sorts of issues getting the plain fabric not to look all puckery, but Erin assures me no one will notice once there are a few knick knacks strategically placed on top.

I quilted the plain parts with rows 1/4" apart.  I also chose to zig zag the final stitching on the binding because I wanted to make triple sure that I would catch the back (which was baaaaaaaaarely wide enough).  It doesn't look too bad, actually.

See those darn puckers and folds?  Grrrrrr.  I'm sure an experienced quilter could tell me what I was doing wrong.  I did starch the fabric first and I used spray basting to stick the pieced top to the batting (which was felt).  It was looking puckery even before I quilted it.  Oh well.  Just look at it from far away and squint a little and it looks fine!

I used my quarter inch foot for the first time and it was awesome!  I still need more practice with it, but hopefully this will help with my seam allowance issues.

I will be bringing this to Texas when we fly there on July 5th, and I hope to take a picture of it in place on the dresser then.

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