Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nesting scraptastic baskets

I made these adorable baskets the same day I saw the tutorial posted for them on Emmaline Bags.  She calls them "Scraptastic Baskets", which is hilarious because it rhymes AND has a made-up word in it.  Love it.

The tutorial includes a printable pattern (thank goodness I finally bought printer ink!), which you simply scale up or down to get different sizes.  The biggest one was the largest pattern piece printed at 100%, the middle-sized one was printed at 75%, and the baby one was printed at 50% (which is probably the smallest that would work since it gets increasingly hard to sew around the circumference of the top).  I do think I should have added a bit of height to the smaller sizes so they could have a bit more to roll down (because the cuff is key to the basket's stability and cuteness).  It worked though!

I cheated a little by using different fabrics for the interiors instead of cutting all four pieces from the same fabric, but I only did that because I had just won an amazing pack of fat quarters (26 of them!!!) from Connecting Threads and I couldn't decide which prints to use.  I hardly made a dent in the stack.

My goofy children keep stealing the baskets and nesting them inside each other.  Charlotte was calling them "Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear" and giving them voices too.  She's a strange one.

I was debating whether I should give these away as a gift, but I think I love them too much.  I think they will soon be filled with fabric scraps or other sewing supplies of some sort in my sewing room (aka the folding table set up in the bay window of my dining room, because I'm classy like that).

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