Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Aaron's Yellow Angry Bird

I just realized that I forgot to post pictures of the cool little yellow Angry Bird that I crocheted for a little buddy of mine, Aaron (eldest son of my friend, Amanda).  He shares my love of Star Wars and Angry Birds, and I thought crocheting him this yellow guy would be perfect for his birthday.

I used this free pattern on the Lemmy Loop blog, and it was perfectly written and easy to follow.

I was baffled when I read that I needed red yarn for the eye brows.  Aren't all Angry Birds' eyebrows black?  NOPE!  I looked up pictures of the yellow bird and discovered that Lemmy Loop has a keener eye for Angry Bird details than me.

As usual, I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn, an F (3.25mm) hook, and safety eyes (9mm in this case).

I even put a weight in the bird so he could be tossed like a bean bag.  Sorry, Amanda!

Happy birthday, Aaron!  Don't break too many lamps with your Angry Bird.

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